Words of support from Tibetans around the world

Like me, Kasur Dongchung Ngodup has worked in various capacities in Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) for the past four decades. While serving as a staff member, he has clearly displayed clearly his honesty and patriotism as well as his ability in the Central Tibetan Administration as well as to the public for everyone to witness. Therefore, I do not wish to repeat here all his achievements and trust everyone is aware. With this, I wholeheartedly support Kasur Ngodup Dongchung’s candidacy for 2021 Sikyong.
Tsering Thondup

Former Justice Commission of the CTA

Kasur Dongchung Ngodup la has worked in various capacities in CTA starting from junior level staff to the highest post of Kalon. As such he has rich knowledge and experience, and he is someone who truly upholds rules and regulation. Based on these reasons and his leadership quality as well as impeccable integrity, I support him for 2021 Sikyong from the bottom of my heart and appeal others to vote for him.
Kagyu Dhondup

Former Chief Justice Commissioner of CTA

Rapten and I would like to announce our endorsement and support for Kasur Ngodup Dongchung as the Sikyong candidate for 2021.
Khando Chazotsang

Former general secretary of the Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie, and former secretary of the CTA.

I am supporting Kasur Ngodup Dongchung to be our next sikyong in 2021. As a civil servant who rose through the ranks within the Department of Security to eventually becoming the department’s minister (Kalon), Kasur Ngodup Dongchung is greatly admired for the care and mentorship he has provided for his colleagues throughout the years. The Department of Security and its branch offices were able to successfully carry out their duties under his decades-long leadership, and I believe he will show the same level of commitment and rigor in leading the whole of CTA and the Tibetan community at large.
Thubten Samphel

Former CTA Secretary and former director of the Tibet Policy Institute. Bylakuppe, India

When I first received a greeting message from Kungo Ngodup Dongchung, I felt his humbleness and humility. Later, circumstances provided me an opportunity to have more interactions with him personally. He is a leader who is easy to communicate with no pride at all, one who empathetically listens to other’s views, and one who provides timely and quick responses.
Phuntsog Nyidron

Former political prisoner and recipient of Reebok Human Rights Award of 1995. Zurich, Switzerland

I support Kasur Ngodup Donchung la as the candidate for Sikyong 2021.
Thupten Lungrig,

Former Kalon of Central Tibetan Administration and former Deputy Speaker of TPIE Dharaamsla, India

Although I have never worked directly under Kasur Ngodup Dongchung while I served for a while in the Central Tibetan Administration, I observed that he is a man of integrity and great experience. He never differentiates between people whatever their background may be—people in power or ordinary one—and treats everyone same. He is one of the most experienced staff members in the Central Tibetan Administration who is familiar with every issue. I find him as the most suitable candidate for 2021 Sikyong.
Kelsang Gonpo

A former Deputy Secretary of CTA, New York, USA

As a former judge at the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission and a person who had served the Central Tibetan Administration for many years, I am fully aware of the background and character of Kasur Ngodup Dongchung. He is a man of principle, integrity, and morality who is firm in his political stand, who has a rich administrative experience, who enjoys a good public relations both within the Tibetan community and outside, and who enjoys immense respect and trust by the Tibetans both inside and outside Tibet, especially in assuring not a slight negligence in terms of the security to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He enjoys a clean record without any trace of corruption and thus fulfilling all the necessary qualities to become an ideal candidate for Sikyong. Therefore, I fully support Kasur Ngodup Dongchung for the 2021 Sikyong.
Ngawang Thupten Chuteng

former judge at the Tibetan Supreme Commission (SJC), California, USA.

From my experience of working under him in the Department of Security for nearly ten years, I can say without hesitation that Kasur Ngodup Dongchung is a man of integrity, knowledgeable and an able administrator who maintains excellent relationships with all staff throughout the ranks. He possesses all the qualities that a strong leader must have.
Ven, Yeshi Chodak

Former Central Tibetan Administration Secretary. Bylakuppe, India

We have few unparalleled Sikyong candidates and It is hard to choose one among them. However, while reflecting deeply, I believe, a Sikyong, who can meet the demand of the current challenging time, is Kasur Ngodup Dongchung. I do not hope to convince the stubborn, who grazes like a blind yak, yet, I appeal to the wise brothers and sisters and remind them about their special responsibility to contemplate on this issue.

Tibetan writer based in Australia. Perth, Western Australia

Kasur Ngodup Dongchung has, for many years, maintained a wide network of contacts inside Tibet and the people inside Tibet continue to put their trust in him to this day. In addition to his familiarity with the situation inside Tibet, he has over 40 years of administrative experience within the CTA bureaucracy. Kasur Ngodup Dongchung is also recognized for his resourcefulness and experience in ensuring the security of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and familiarity with the history and evolution of Sino-Tibetan dialogues. For these reasons, I am supporting him to be our 2021 sikyong.
Ngawang Woebar

Former political prisoner and former President of the Gu-Chu-Sum Tibetan Movement of Tibet. Dharamsala, India

I am supporting Kasur Ngodup Dongchung for 2021 Sikyong because of his integrity, competence, education, and 40 years of experience working in the inner circle of the Central Tibetan Administration. He is a confident man who is very familiar with the aspirations of the Tibetan people inside Tibet. In his 40 years of service, there was not a single incident related to him that led to His Holiness’ disappointment.
Ngawang Delek

Former political prisoner and philosophy teacher Dharamsala, India

I support Kasur Ngodup Donchung la as the candidate for Sikyong 2021.

Kesang Yangkyi Takla

Former Kalon of Central Tibetan Administration. London, UNITED KINGDOM

I, a Tibetan singer named Ngatse, wholeheartedly aspire to see Kasur Ngodup Dongchung as our future leader. Therefore, I request all my fans and supporters to vote Kasur Ngodup Dongchung as the next Sikyong.
Tsang Ngawang Tsering

Artist , Boudha, NEPAL

I extend my unwavering support to Kasur Ngodup Dongchung for the post of Sikyong, a man whose motivation and sincerity are pure as snow.
Chabdak Lhamo Kyab

Writer and Lecturer; former member of Tibetan Parliament; former Lecturer at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations. Paris, France

Like many of us, I sincerely request Kasur Ngodup Dongchung la to rise to the occasion, announce his candidacy and give meaning and strength to our collective hopes and aspirations. We assure him of our strongest support.

Norzin Dickyi

Harvard University Alumna (MA in East Asian Studies, 2015) and former lecturer at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher studies. New Delhi, INDIA

Highly self-disciplined,  taciturn and diligent, ability to care for all issues, skillful in maintaining public relations, as well as an untainted and impeccable record of integrity are few of the hallmarks of Kasur Ngodup Dongchung, which has earned him trust and respect of Tibetan people from both within and outside of Tibet.

Chung Tsering

Tibetan lecturer at Australian National University. Sydney, AUSTRALIA

With 40 years of unblemished transparent service record, Kasur Dongchung Ngodup can provide a stable harmonious leadership, free from internal discord.  He has the confidence to build a bridge between Tibetans in Tibet, necessary for resolution.

Jamyang Dorjee

Former Joint Secretary, Government of Sikkim. Sikkim, INDIA

I support Kasur Dongchung Ngodup for 2021 Sikyong because I believe he will bring unity and brotherhood among the people of three Cholkas, which is the bedrock of our struggle. We succeed through unity not by division.

Jigmey Passang

Former CTA Joint Secretary and member of the Tibetan negotiating team headed by Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari that visited China. Canberra, AUSTRALIA

Mr. Ngodup Dongchung is the one who has personally visited Tibet and has a very good grasp of the situation inside Tibet and the thoughts of the Tibetans inside Tibet. Many people recognize him as one who has the capability to bring all Tibetans inclusively together and lead them effectively. Since I also see such quality in him, I support him for the 2021 Sikyong.

Dhondup Wangchen

Former political prisoner and filmmaker of Leaving Fear Behind. San Francisco, USA

Kasur Ngodup Dongchung’s educational qualification, experience, competency, sincerity, understanding of the need for a unified Tibet, and the genuine trust placed in him by both Tibetans in exile and Tibet makes him the most eligible and suitable to be the Sikyong of 2021.

Lobsang Tendar Ngamring

Former Researcher of Textbook at the TCV Educational Development and Resource Center (EDRC). Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Because of Kasur Dongchung Ngodup’s consistent interaction with Tibetans inside Tibet, he knows the true aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet. The fact that most of the former political prisoners are supporting him tells us something about him.

Tsewang Rigzin

Fellow at Columbia Population Research Center; Doctoral student at Columbia University, New York. New York, USA

I have known Kasur Ngodup Dongchung since 1964 from our school days and then in CTA, where he rose to the post of Kalon. I have personally experienced his outstanding leadership quality and gentle nature throughout this period. As such, I am supporting him for 2021 Sikyong with the aim of electing someone who can provide us strong and stable leadership by uniting the people of Utsang, Kham and Amdo together.

Tenzin Phuntsok Atisha

Former Central Tibetan Administration Secretary. Canberra, AUSTRALIA

Even the Chinese government has recognized him(Kasur Ngodup Dongchung) as a vital person and someone who is genuinely and thoroughly informed about situations inside Tibet and in exile.

Golog Jigme Gyatso

Former political prisoner. Zurich, SWITZERLAND

When I was imprisoned, the Chinese authorities interrogated me many times asking questions about two prominent Tibetans in the exile community, one being Kasur Ngodup Dongchung. After observing how the Chinese authorities took special notice of Kasur Ngodup Dongchung, my respect for him grew immeasurably.

Thupten Yerphel

Principal of Namgyal Monastery School Dharamsala, INDIA

My experience of working closely with Ku-Ngo Ngodup Dongchung la for the more than 30 years convinced me that he is one who always keeps the interest of the community first, without bothering to place importance on his personal image and name.  His clandestine visit to Tibet in the past facilitated a strong bridge between Tibetan people inside and outside in exile.  Considering the call of the time, he is a leader who can be trusted and relied upon and who is currently needed in the community.

Kunga Tashi

Former Central Tibetan Administration Secretary and Chinese Liaison Officer. New Jersey, USA

I support Kasur Ngodup Dongchung for the 2021 Sikyong for his honesty, sincerity, rich experience and particularly for his ability to inclusively lead all Tibetans irrespective of the province they belong to, and also being a staunch supporter of Middle Way Approach Policy as a way forward.

Kalsang Tsering

Former CTA Joint Secretary and member of the Tibetan negotiating team headed by Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari that visited China. Canberra, AUSTRALIA

Kasur Ngodup Dongchung has consistently shown impeccable integrity throughout his 44 years of remarkable service to the Tibetan cause.

Nawang Phuntsog

Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Department of Elementary & Bilingual Education, California State University, Fullerton, CA USA

Kasur Ngodup Dongchung la is the epitome of sheer simplicity. He is a man with in-depth knowledge on all issues pertaining to Tibet and the diaspora community, especially with regard to the situation inside Tibet. His decisiveness and inclusive approach to dealing with important matters are a few of the many reasons why I am supporting him as our next Sikyong in 2021.

Norbu Tsering Choezung

Former president of the Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey (TCNYNJ)

I first came in contact with Kungo Ngodup Dongchung la while I was working in the Vice-Chancellor office, CUTS.  During the period, I observed that he is honest, humble, impartial and down to earth with excellent administration skills.   In addition to the above, he is highly respected within as well as outside of our society.  Therefore, it is an honor to support Kungo Ngodup la for the 2021 Sikyong Candidate.

Tashi Topgyal

Former Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies staff. Toronto, CANADA

It was only during my six years as Secretary in the Department of Security, CTA that I came to know about, and was awestruck by the intense relationships and contacts that Kasur Ngodup Dongchung had within Tibet and the cordial, long-lasting and smooth relations he had established with the high-level Indian Govt. officials.

Wangchuk Phasur

Former Central Tibetan Administration Secretary. Vancouver, USA

To someone like me who had just come out of an abusive, torturous and a harsh oppressive system; the first time we met, you interacted with me with a composure of a leader, and your words of compassion filled me with warmth and fearlessness.

Ngawang Sangdrol

Former political prisoner. Boston, USA

In order to revive the virtuous character of the CTA Leadership, I am supporting Kasur Ngodup Dongchung, a person with the highest moral character and with most profound experience to be the Sikyong 2021.

Karma Lhamo

Former Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Development Service Agency, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. California, USA

Kasur Ngodup Dongchung has been steadfastly working for the future cause of Tibet with firm determination, dedication, and sincerity. His personal quality to treat everyone equally and his ability to maintain the unity of Tibet. On top of that his unwavering and steadfast in fulfilling the instructions and visions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama without any hesitation are the reasons that he is one of the most qualified to be the Sikyong.

Rinchen Tsering

Multilingual Businessman. Clement Town, INDIA

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